White-owned printing house refuses to print EFF T-shirts

Through Thabo Makwakwa May 31, 2021

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DURBAN – A white-owned printing house in the Eastern Cape says it owes no one an explanation for refusing to print campaign t-shirts for the EFF.

MP Naledi Chirwa and her EFF battalion were turned away as they sought to print t-shirts.

Justin van Staden, owner of Tsitsikamma Printing Shop, said it was his right not to do business with whomever he saw fit and that those who were not happy with this decision should understand that it was his business private and not that of the state.

Van Staden said it was not only EFF for which he refused to print t-shirts, but also other political parties, as he felt politicians were misleading people and not holding their own. promises.

“I’m sorry, but we made the decision not to do business with political parties, that includes the ANC and all other parties,” Van Staden said.

Chirwa took issue with Van Staden’s claims, arguing that it was not true that the store refused to print T-shirts for all parties. She claimed that one of the store workers whispered to her that an instruction had been issued by Van Staden advising employees not to render favors to the Red Berets.

“It’s nothing but racism and hatred towards EFF. We know for a fact that other parties are allowed to print T-shirts in this store so that they become easily visible during election campaigns, ”said Chirwa.

Former EFF general secretary and central command team member Godrich Gardee said the party was constantly mistreated by companies refusing to provide services to the party because of their racist attitude towards the party. left or their loyalty. to certain political parties threatened by the rise of the country’s third political party.

“We faced a similar problem at Brackenfell when a bus company suddenly refused to provide buses after we paid the required funds,” Gardee said.

He added that there was an element of racism and intolerance towards his party, with the same experience also being seen in Tembisa before the party’s rally in 2014. Gardee said they could not book the Mahlareng Stadium. , claiming the manager lied, claiming the stadium was booked while no reservations were made.

“It’s frankly frustrating because everywhere we go we are frustrated by those who oppose democratic commitments. In areas where other parties are ruling, we are prohibited from using community halls for gatherings, ”Gardee said.

He said the party was closely monitoring developments and would soon take action against those hostile to it.

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