Vertex acquires Velo3D 3D printing machine


Tim Warden (L) and Steve Rengers (R) of Vertex Manufacturing with their Sapphire Inconel 718 additive manufacturing solution from Velo3D; they just bought a second from Velo3D dedicated to Hastelloy-X. Photo credit: Vertex Manufacturing

Making vertices, a Cincinnati-based subcontractor, purchased an end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) solution from Velo3D Inc. – a Sapphire Hastelloy-X. Vertex is the first subcontractor to own a Velo3D system that processes this high performance material.

Hastelloy-X is not a heat hardened material, so it does not become brittle at high temperatures, and its high resistance to oxidation would provide durability over many years of continuous use. “3D printed Hast-X offers unique and robust material qualities. Combining this with the fact that Vertex is AS9100 certified will allow us to help our customers move programs from development to production much faster, ”said Vertex Vice President Tim Warden.

According to the company, the Hast-X machine will allow it to support customers with specialized needs in high temperature, high pressure and long life applications in the aerospace and industrial gas turbine markets. “We chose Velo3D because we consider this system to be perfectly suited to a number of applications that we could not create today with our current additive machines,” explains Warden.

Vertex President Steve Rengers adds, “We will continue to see product development cycles shorten as AM has a significant impact on reducing lead times. This will be in critical defense areas such as hypersonics as well as more traditional aerospace and aviation. We are also witnessing many movements in areas such as alternative energies, remote energies and the extension of the quality of the human way of life through orthopedic implants.

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