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Adam Eimer launched a new mobile screen printing machine during the Emporia First Friday Art Walk last week.

Eimer, who owns Uncommon Threads, was stationed at Vault Meats and Cheeses with local artist Jamie Darcy.

“What we’re trying to do here is present it to the public with a ‘you can see me screen-printed’ kind of element from the designs to the T-shirts that we select,” Eimer said. “We’re just trying to make it a more mobile operation.”

Eimer shared that they had been doing it for 12 years going to car shows first, but they hadn’t done it for 9 or 10 years.

After noticing that many people in the printing industry were building their business model around live screen printing for businesses and younger generations, Eimer has been working on mobile screen printing for the past two months. . The machine is small, compact and can be easily transported.

“I think after the said pandemic is over, people will go out more,” he said. “We’ll be able to be in the community, in public – kind of show people what we’re doing.”

Already familiar with the printing process, Eimer feels comfortable with live printing. He just knew for sure that he wouldn’t know how live screen printing would go unless he did it again.

For live screen printing, they imagine the designs to Uncommon Threads in advance. Then they select the ink color and type of shirt before plugging in the machine. Eventually, Eimer plans to have generators so they can go anywhere, set up and print T-shirts there.

Over the next few years, he hopes to build a following on social media so they can post information online about where they will be and which artist they can feature.

“If we can expand those offerings from simple t-shirts, we can bring stickers with us or other items that people would like,” he said. “For at least two years, we will try. … That’s kind of what we plan to do – either feature a local artist or do some of our own impressions – and just be able to go out into the community and say, [like], ‘Hey, we’ll be at the corner of 6th and Commercial this Saturday for some fresh draws. Come see what we have and maybe buy a t-shirt.

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