The t-shirt printing company designs shirts to support businesses in the region



CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Hundreds of businesses have lost business due to the stay-at-home order, but one finds a fun way to bring this business back.

Weiskamp Screen Printing manufactures shirts with the logos of companies in the area. Some of the money generated from the sale of these shirts will flow back to these companies.

Weiskamp’s slogan is “Your community printing house”. Now this line takes on a whole new meaning. Store owners say this idea is the perfect way to make money while giving back. They already have more than 50 companies on board.

“When it all started, we had no jobs to print. Everything was canceled by the university, the local schools, the events, whatever. But then we opened this store and started all over again, ”said Weiskamp Screen Printing customer service team, Rockstar Ellie Hahn.

To ensure everyone’s safety, Weiskamp will drop or ship all orders.

All businesses in the region interested in joining this process should email Weiskamp to begin. Shirts cost $ 20; $ 7 will go to businesses. The rest will pay Weiskamp staff or go to materials. The designs and details of the shirt can be found here.

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