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Posted: 03/18/2021 14:44:23 PM

GREENFIELD – Instead of pint glasses and bar stools, the former Lefty’s Brewing Co. bar on Wells Street will soon feature bespoke printed clothing such as t-shirts and jackets.

Jessica Cronin is moving Cronin Co., a contract custom apparel printing and manufacturing company, from Wilmington, Vt., To Greenfield, with plans to open on April 1, but by appointment only. Cronin said small business resources are limited in Windham County, Green Mountain State, which prompted the move.

“The population is too small to meet our local income targets,” she said this week. “Relocation gives us new resources, networking opportunities and a space to grow. ”

Cronin, 28, said his company used commercial printers to focus on printing direct to clothing. She said the process differs from screen printing in that machines use ink to directly dye the fibers of a garment.

She has worked with companies across the United States. Cronin Co. provides in-house graphic design and custom clothing printing on garments as well as other printing methods, such as sublimation and screen printing, to local businesses, schools and events.

“I am quite passionate about graphic design. I enjoyed starting a business from scratch, ”she said, adding that she had previously worked in the dental field for about five years for no other reason than to have a steady job and a salary. Cronin said she lost her spouse to suicide in 2016, which had a huge impact on her motivation to succeed and create the life she desires. She has goals she aims to achieve before she turns 30, and moving her business will help her exceed those goals.

Cronin started his company in January 2019, after leaving the dental field. She had headed dental services at the Franklin County Community Health Center and was a chairside dental assistant.

Cronin said she still lived in Vermont, which she called her home for almost 10 years, but grew up in Massachusetts, starting in Plainfield and then Agawam, where she graduated from secondary studies. Her education includes dentistry, community health, and graphic design – she attended the Lower Pioneer Valley Career and Technical Education Center, where she began her graphic design studies, in high school.

Cronin can be contacted at [email protected] More information is available at

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