The printing house organizes a fundraiser for t-shirts for small businesses

LEXINGTON, North Carolina – A family-owned Lexington business is using its skills to raise funds for other small businesses in the region affected by the coronavirus.

Over the past 27 years, Davidson County Screen Printing has created custom designs. Adam Plyler and his father run the business. When sales ceased due to the coronavirus, Plyler had an idea to help both his business and others in the area.

“I saw the idea from a friend at a printing house in Florida and they had a great response in their community, so we thought we tried it out here,” Plyler explained.

They decided to start printing and selling t-shirts labeled “Here For Good”, depicting a city skyline. According to Plyler, the post not only says they’re doing good things within the community, but also for businesses to know they’re here for good.

The company sells them online for $ 20 and half of the profits are donated to designated Lexington companies. As of Saturday, Davidson County Screen Printing has raised just over $ 15,000 for Lexiton businesses.

“We hope this helps the best that I can, all things considered,” Plyler said.

If you want to buy a shirt, you can click here.

If you would like to suggest a business, you can email Plyler at [email protected]

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