The latest version of Hexagon/Volume Graphics’ metal 3D printing software offers improved geometric compensation

Nominal-actual comparison of additively fabricated bracket showing >1mm deviations in upper sections

With metal additive manufacturing technologies, especially LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion) and EBPBF (Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion), deformation of parts can occur due to large temperature variations during processing. printing process and long build times. Compensating for these variations is tedious because many factors influence metal AM operations.

Geometry correction module written for VGSTUDIO MAX (and VGMETROLOGY) software compensates for variations and greatly reduces the number of design iterations needed, claims the manufacturer, Volume Graphics GmbH. The Germany-based company, which has offices in the United States, Japan, Singapore and China, says its latest release compensates for the effects of part sintering and other variables that were not compensated for in the releases. previous ones.

The latest version, V.3.5.2, has the ability to add two different compensations with different scales in a single workflow. This is valuable for sintering processes, reports Volume Graphics, because the user can compensate for sintering warpage and shrinkage in a single workflow.

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