The 4 best check printing software of 2021



How does the check printing software work?

Check printing software allows individuals and businesses to create, print and send physical checks or send digital checks without the need for a traditional checkbook or pre-printed checks from the bank . Many programs include other accounting or bookkeeping features such as invoicing, accepting payments, or check sending services.

Can I write a check online?

Many online banking systems allow customers to avoid writing checks by hand and mailing them with an online option called electronic checks or electronic checks, a type of payment made over the Internet as an alternative to checks. conventional. This is how many employers are able to pay their team members by direct deposit. To make a payment by check online, you will need your routing number, your checking account number and the name associated with your account.

Can I print checks on plain paper?

Printing your own checks typically requires check paper (available at office supply stores or online) which is typically used with most printers and check printing software. This paper generally costs more than regular printer paper. Not all software requires it, however, so be sure to check the software’s paper requirements if the ability to use plain paper is important to you.

How much does check printing software cost?

Depending on the check printing program you select, prices range from free at $ 29.99 per software download to hundreds of dollars per month for enterprise level services. In contrast, it can cost around $ 8.50 for a box of 150 checks, or about six cents per check. If the checks are printed instead of being sent electronically, another expense to consider is the cost of check paper, which costs about $ 12 per hundred-page packet, or about 12 cents per sheet of paper.

How We Choose Check Printing Software

Check printing software can be a lifeline for people who need to make a payment by check and do not have spare checks on hand, as well as for sole traders, contractors, startups, mom and pop stores, and corporate finance teams. Some customers prefer cloud-based solutions that are easily accessible on all devices, while others prefer software compatible with Windows or Mac devices.

We took all of these needs into consideration when reviewing dozens of check writing software options. In the end, we chose the best programs based on the history and credibility of the company, the check writing features available, and the price of the software.

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