Tesla’s New Money Printing Machine


Tesla’s New Money Printing Machine

According to Steven Mark Ryan, You’re here makes a major strategic shift worth billions of dollars and Germany continues to slow approval of Giga Berlin’s expansion.

There is an indefinite postponement for Germany’s expansion Giga Berlin factory of German civil servants. Why did this happen? Is there an incentive to slow Tesla’s progress? An indefinite postponement seems like a big deal for Tesla to continue to grow and sell its vehicles. For energy independence, Germany must stop slowing Tesla’s expansion.

Giga Berlin is now operational, after a long process. All electric vehicle manufacturers are in a position where they are unable to meet customer demand. Nobody is able to follow, not even Tesla. There are several issues, so creating a delay in VE production seems like a bad idea.

There’s also an incentive for Tesla that will be worth billions just by building batteries in the United States. This will equate to thousands of dollars per battery for each EV.

Tesla’s battery strategy

Tesla has changed its battery strategy in the United States. Tesla has suspended plans to manufacture battery cells in Germany. If Tesla does this in Germany, it’s an economic boon for Germany. Tesla is not doing this to stop Germany’s growth, but is doing it because of the expansion bureaucracy in Germany.

Tesla is now making more batteries in the US as it seeks to take advantage of US tax credits. Equipment and manufacturing are now temporarily transferred to the United States. Qualifying for additional tax credits would benefit Tesla and make Tesla’s electric vehicles cheaper, while reducing the cost of electric vehicle batteries. It’s a win-win for customers and for Tesla.

As long as the cells are packaged and manufactured in the United States, there is a tax credit one can take advantage of. Tesla is seizing the opportunity by building a lithium processing plant in the United States, Texas, and will likely build more.

Most of Tesla’s batteries are purchased in China from CATL. The Inflation Induction Act aims to reduce US dependence on China. There is a $35 per kilowatt-hour credit for battery cells made in the United States. It seems like an overspend and it’s good for Tesla. This means thousands of dollars per vehicle produced.

Tesla will benefit enormously from this. All of a sudden Tesla is going to get thousands of dollars per battery made in the United States. It seems like a no-brainer.

Will Tesla earn billions for US-made batteries from tax credits? Will Giga Berlin expand?

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