Parabo Press: a new photo printing application from Photojojo for unique prints in small batches


Since launching in April 2006, Photojojo has grown from a fun photography newsletter to a huge online store filled with photo gifts and gear. Today, the company has just launched a new major company: Parabo Press. It is a photo printing app for iOS that allows you to turn your digital photos into all kinds of physical products.


The app offers “a truly unique product line,” Photojojo told PetaPixel. “We grew up flipping through photo albums, but now we have all of our photos hidden on our phones,” says Emily Cosnotti, brand manager. “We want a more permanent way of discovering our photos and we want them to stand out as well. And that’s why we created Parabo.

The app starts by using processes optimized for cell phone photos – high resolution shots are not necessary. You can turn these snaps into human-sized black and white prints for $ 25, silkscreen style risographs for $ 30, art book quality photo books for $ 59, 25 geometric prints for $ 26, 25 square prints for $ 24 , and more.



Photo album


square footprints

Parabo also sells smart display accessories for hanging prints on your walls, from wooden poster rails to skeleton clips, mylar tape and hairpins.



You can download the Parabo Press app for free from the iTunes App Store today. The company says the Android version of the app will arrive soon. You can also take a look at the Parabo website to see everything they have to offer.

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