While the crews build line 3 through the Fond du Lac reserve, a protest camp is taking shape

Within a week, the Magney Drive property became the home base for activists calling themselves Water Protectors, as opposed to Enbridge’s Line 3, the 340-mile oil pipeline under construction through northern Minnesota. Some stay in the camp for a few days and nights at a time; others drop by during the day for planned protests […]

Local agencies trained in disaster relief are now on standby in Louisiana as Ida moves: Seneca Tribe, Quapaw Tribe, OHP, GRDA, Craig County, Mayes County … | KSNF / KODE

JOPLIN, MÖ. – Hurricane Ida is heading inland. Local authorities trained in disaster relief are now on standby: Seneca Tribe, Quapaw Tribe, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers, GRDA, Craig County, Mayes County, Pryor Okla. Fire and others. GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority) is helping Louisiana as part of a nationwide mutual relief effort by the American […]

View: As the Taliban swell, Biden wants to show that he is not leaving Afghanistan

Joe Biden will meet his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani and National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah this week to hold hand in hand as the Taliban continue their violent strike over Afghanistan, daily gaining tactical advantage. Ghani and Abdullah will perform “together” in the White House – the Biden government wanted a public demonstration of Afghan […]

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