Neverland opens custom print shop in Chicago, anchored around RuPaul’s Drag Race


Chicago, IL – Anthony DiFiore and the team at Neverland Events & Artist Management took a major business milestone in 2019 – beyond the dance parties that Neverland is known for.

“A lot of people know Neverland because of the dance parties, but are surprised to find out more about other parts of our business, such as our management agency or Elite Queens,” said DiFiore, Founder and President of Neverland. “, which is also an Apple / Android app, is a marketplace for the fashion and merchandise of many queens who have appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race, such as Naomi Smalls, Monique Heart and Miz Cracker, as well as public figures. queer, like writer and poet Alok Vaid-Menon and Dominique Jackson who plays Elektra Abundance on POSE.

“Elite Queens experienced such a growth spurt in 2018 that we saw an opportunity to take over the manufacturing of the fashion we were selling online for our celebrity clients.”

To do this, Neverland opened Method Printing in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Method is a custom t-shirt and apparel printer, offering a variety of retail ready screen printing, embroidery and finishing services for all industries. The company focuses on customer relationships, high quality products and brand recognition.

DiFiore co-founded Method with its business partner, Brigham Duelfer, who for years looked after the screen printing and embroidery needs of Neverland. “His hard work and expertise helped us develop Elite Queens, as we were able to design and quickly launch new trends, capitalizing on the demands of drag fans while maintaining a high level of quality in our products,” said said DiFiore.

“We opened in a warehouse that was once occupied by an auto mechanic, so when we moved in we had to spend a whole month deep cleaning.”

DiFiore said that for years they wanted to expand the type of fashion that could be created for queens and customers on Elite Queens. “Back when we started, RuPaul’s Drag Race was on LOGO and we were just releasing unisex t-shirts with a design on it. When the show went to VH1 and gained a much larger and larger audience. , the market has shifted from gay men to women, ”he said. “Suddenly, sales were pouring in from all over the world for anything that bore the likeness or brand of our customers. They wanted clothes, accessories, key chains, whatever they could get their hands on. Every year we added a newer and more interesting fashion. items at Elite Queens, testing the waters to see what the new clientele wanted to wear.

“Now, with Method Printing, the goal is to completely elevate merchandising for our customers. Rather than making products that look like (basic) merch, we can now create true fashion collections, with wearable fits, fabrics and styles, in season, and that people are excited to dress. “

The method is like Neverland’s think tank which is open to the public, DiFiore said. “Every day, we brainstorm new concepts and create exciting new fashions for Elite Queens alongside merchandise we customize for local Chicago businesses. The idea of ​​elevating merchandising is what built Elite Queens and what gave birth to Method Printing is ingrained in the DNA of everything we do and every project we take on. I would like Method to eventually become the go-to in our community for designing and printing clothing for businesses, influencers and musicians. “

Neverland and Method Printing will release a new capsule collection of t-shirts in early February, designed by Chicago-based artist Josh Davis. The collection is a symbiosis between Davis’ imagination and the monsters that have appeared in Neverland events and photoshoots over the past year.

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