Microsoft launches free 3D printing app for Windows 8.1

Microsoft on Friday announced the availability of 3D Builder, the software giant’s first 3D printing application using a new 3D printing pipeline that is built into the Windows 8.1 update.

The app is free and currently available in the Windows Store. Microsoft also sells MakerBot 3D printers through its online stores for a one-stop shopping solution to your 3D printing needs.

Microsoft’s 3D Builder includes a library of 3D printable objects, including “decorations, toys, jewelry, and other items that people can personalize and adapt in minutes before 3D printing them,” he said. declared the company.

“A few months ago you might have heard that Windows 8.1 makes 3D printing possible because it is native to the operating system, which means the operating system offers plug-and-support. -play for printers, understands 3D file formats and connects many applications with lots of hardware to provide seamless printing experience for customers. Now, with the 3D Builder app, we’ve made it even easier to create and print 3D objects, ”Microsoft’s Kristina Libby wrote in a blog post.

In July, Microsoft introduced native support for 3D printing in the preview release of Windows 8.1 released in conjunction with the company’s Build developer conference. Partners such as 3D Systems, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, MakerBot, netfabb, Materialize, Stratasys, Tiertime (PP3DP) and others have already released apps and products using the new 3D printing pipeline in Windows 8.1, but 3D Builder is Redmond’s first internal release of end-user software to take advantage of the capabilities of the new operating system.

Windows 8.1 was officially released last month, making 3D printing for PC users “as easy as printing a Microsoft Word document,” according to Microsoft. Users of the new operating system can also email their 3D print files to other Windows 8.1 users, who can then print these files with the push of a button.

Microsoft’s 3D Builder and other Windows 8.1 printing applications work in conjunction with the keyboard, mouse, and touch interfaces supported by the software platform.

MakerBot said that users can download the MakerBot 3D Printer Driver for Windows 8.1 and print directly to their MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer.

“We have worked closely with Microsoft to prepare the printer driver to provide familiar Windows plug-and-play functionality with MakerBot Replicator 2,” Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, said in a statement. “The integration of the 3D printer driver into Windows 8.1 further complements the MakerBot 3D ecosystem designed to make 3D designing and printing very easy and accessible.”

Earlier this week, Brooklyn-based MakerBot partnered with DonorsChoose for a crowdfunding effort to install a desktop 3D printer in every school in America.

To learn more, check out our full Windows 8.1 review and slideshow above.

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