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Wide Angle Fine Art Gallery & Printing, a landscape photography and fine art print shop, is now open in Hamilton.

Owner Nathan Wotkyns has traveled all over the western United States, always wanted to live in Montana, and fulfilled a dream with his newly opened landscape photography and fine art print studio in Hamilton. .

“I’ve wanted to move here since I was 13,” Wotkyns said. “It’s been a long time coming. My dad took me to Montana to fish the Yellowstone, Gallatin and Madison when I was 13 and I’ve wanted to be here ever since.

Born in Washington, he lived thirty years in southern Utah when he realized that life was short. He started photographing the fish he caught. Then he develops a unique style that shows the fragile beauty of nature. Over the years, his love of the outdoors turned into a passion for sharing it with others through photography. After his schooling, he took his first option and created a photography gallery.

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“In 2005, I opened this gallery in St. George at age 25,” Wotkyns said. “I had artist friends who were well known in this community and they had clients who wanted artwork in different sizes. I started taking pictures of their work and making prints for them. It has become a completely different job, different from what I thought I was doing. It has become a big business and a necessary service.

About 10 years ago he and his wife started looking for a place in Hamilton to work and live. When real estate prices rose, they thought their dream of moving to Montana was gone. But when the Neeves building in downtown Hamilton hit the market, they took the plunge.

Wotkyns and his family moved here in January and he spent two months remodeling it.

“Hamilton is a beloved city and it’s similar to where I grew up,” Wotkyns said. “The place I moved from was growing. Hamilton is growing up and I say to everyone ‘I’m sorry, but I’m one of those people who comes in, but hopefully I can make up for it.’ I feel like I can bring something good to the community for local artists and photographers.

He uses state-of-the-art equipment and keeps the entire process in-house, allowing him to maintain competitive pricing and local business.

“I do all the work and I’m a one-man show,” Wotkyns said. “My specialty is photographing the original and making the prints look like the original. I do photography and printing. I do the whole process.

He said the digitization of art has been a boon for local artists.

“There were artists who were just doing original work, but because they’re now offering prints, it opened up a whole new market for them,” Wotkyns said. “I know artists who quit their day jobs to sell their prints online. It’s cool to give artists another way to make money, because it’s hard to make a living selling art.

At Wide Angle Fine Art Printing, get artwork scanned and printed on fine art papers – canvas, watercolor, photographic papers or prints on traditional photo paper.

“I have two pricing tiers because not everyone wants to spend money on a canvas, but they still want to print it,” Wotkyns said. “I do photo restoration, so if people have old damaged photos, I can fix them for them. I do everything.

Wotkyns said he and his family were overwhelmed with gratitude for the encouragement from the community that helped make their dream a reality.

“Everyone has been so supportive, my real estate agent, my finance manager, the renovation manager, Michelle [Biggins] at Art Focus, everyone was amazing,” he said. “We look forward to many wonderful years serving our new neighbors and enjoying all that this area has to offer.”

After living in Hamilton for two months and focusing on renovating and opening a business, Wotkyns was finally able to fly fish the Bitterroot River.

“When I came back my wife said ‘you have a really big smile’,” he said. “I love it so much, it’s so special. You’re outdoors and the fish, especially the trout, live in the most beautiful places. Fishing is like the icing on the cake. I love to fish, it’s my passion just like my photography.The surprise with everyone is that you never know what you’re going to get.

Wotkyns is encouraged by the work of the Bitterroot Land Trust and the Open Lands program to preserve the beauty and special community.

“As a business owner, you want some growth,” he said. “But it’s a balancing act. I really like it here.”

He and his wife, an artistic maker, take part in the Hamilton Farmers Market every Saturday.

“The Farmers Market is amazing,” Wotkyns said. “The setting, the tall trees, the old building – it’s just perfect.”

Explore the Valley’s newest photography gallery and learn more about Wotkyns large format photo printing services in person at 237 N. 2nd St. Hamilton, by phone at 406-363-7664 or online at Where Wide Angle Fine Art Gallery & Printing is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

When you’re not at the gallery, find Wotkyns on the river with a fly rod in hand and a big smile on his face.

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