Gambia: IEC Registration Centers in Manduar Share Printing Machine


Foroyaa learned that two Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) voter registration centers based in Manduar, West Coast Region, share a printing machine to issue voter cards to villagers.

This follows a printer failure in Manduar Touba-kunda on Saturday July 3, 2021.

Amfaal Conteh, IEC supervisor and mobile team leader in Manduar Touba-kunda, informed this media that the center in Mandar Mandinka-kunda usually prints first and then borrows the printer from them so that they also print the cards. voters at their center (Manduar Touba-kunda).

He said when their printer broke down; voter cards were issued to villagers a day after their details were taken. “But now that we share the same printer, the villagers sit for half an hour to an hour before the cards are issued to them,” he said.

Dozens of villagers said voter registration was slow.

Hoja Ceesay, a villager, said she got her voter card three days after her details were taken at the registration center.

“I just got my card now. I come here every day but thank God I got my car today,” she said.

Ba Jerreh Bojang, Manduar Mandinka-kunda Alkalo was also contacted by phone, and he told this outlet that the technical issue was slowing down the registration process.

Bojang added that the printer gives a hard time to the community and the IEC as sometimes he is brought to Wolof-Kunda for these people to be registered and after that he is brought back to Mankinka-Kunda for the officers. of the IEC continue voter registration. .

“That’s what’s happening on the pitch right now,” Alkalo said.

Manduar Touba-kunda Alkalo was also contacted for comment on the matter, but could not be reached by phone.

Earlier, Alhajie Alieu Momar Njai, the chairman of the IEC, was asked on Wednesday whether the technical issue had been resolved and he replied in the affirmative.

“Yes, it’s resolved now,” he said and quickly directed the reporter to contact IEC Chief Electoral Officer Sambujang Njie. He said, “Check with CEO Njie, not me.”

CEO Njie was also contacted by phone. Njie promised to check with the regional office in Brikama and get back to this reporter.

He said, “As soon as I get the information, I’ll let you know.”

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