EOS delivers the 1000th industrial 3D printing machine

EOS (Krailling, Germany), a technology provider in the field of industrial 3D printing for metals and polymers, delivered and installed an AMCM M 4K of the AMCM business unit of EOS. This large-scale, four-laser, high-productivity system has been sold to metal additive manufacturer Sintavia (Davie, FL), where it will focus on the production of advanced propulsion systems for the aerospace, defense and space. The special feature of this machine is its ability to 3D print applications up to 1 m high.

Brian Neff, CEO of Sintavia, said: “Although this AMCM M4K represents the 1000th machine in North America for EOS, it also represents the 17th EOS machine for Sintavia. Their machines form the basis of our company’s manufacturing technology, and we are delighted to be a part of this milestone in EOS history.

“This achievement is a milestone in the history of EOS and a testament to the accelerated adoption of additive manufacturing in North America,” said Andrew Snow, senior vice president of EOS North America. “We remain the leading innovator in equipment, materials, services and education aimed at strengthening the successful adoption and advancement of additive manufacturing as a traditional manufacturing process. “

EOS was founded in April 1989 in Gräfelfing, Germany. Since then, global expansion, has established a presence in Italy, UK and Finland, founding its North American headquarters in Novi, MI, in 2001. Today, EOS North America also has its technical center in Pflugerville, TX, and its materials engineering and Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) production center in Temple, TX.

Since its founding, the company has continuously innovated, collaborated and worked to advance the capabilities of additive manufacturing, leading to its current and robust ecosystem of products and services. Its experience and end-to-end product, service and training offerings are designed to support organizations at every stage of their additive manufacturing journey, from start to finish.

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