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Borrowing Money From A Tribal Lender- What You Need To Know

Companies that are Native American tribes and operate on tribal land offer tribal lenders installment loans. Online loan applications are accepted by Indian tribes and they offer short-term loans. What are tribal loans? Payday loans can be replaced by tribal loans. Attention! These loans are not more attractive than traditional payday loans just because they are designed and […]

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Michael Regan, June 30, 2021

[ad_1] James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 1:23 P.M. EDT MS. PSAKI:  Hi, everyone. Q    Good afternoon.  Q    Good to see you.   MS. PSAKI:  Good afternoon.  Good to see you, too.  Okay, it is so great to welcome back our Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Michael Regan.  He’s here to talk more about the […]

South Sudan Approaches 10th Anniversary Amid Doubts About Democracy

[ad_1] I. Founding Fathers On July 9, 2011, South Sudan’s first day of independence, the country’s new president, Salva Kiir, received a copy of Ron Chernow’s biography of the American Founding Father George Washington. It was a gift from a former American diplomat, intended to serve as a guide to democratic governance and to underscore […]

While the crews build line 3 through the Fond du Lac reserve, a protest camp is taking shape

[ad_1] Within a week, the Magney Drive property became the home base for activists calling themselves Water Protectors, as opposed to Enbridge’s Line 3, the 340-mile oil pipeline under construction through northern Minnesota. Some stay in the camp for a few days and nights at a time; others drop by during the day for planned […]

Local agencies trained in disaster relief are now on standby in Louisiana as Ida moves: Seneca Tribe, Quapaw Tribe, OHP, GRDA, Craig County, Mayes County … | KSNF / KODE

[ad_1] JOPLIN, MÖ. – Hurricane Ida is heading inland. Local authorities trained in disaster relief are now on standby: Seneca Tribe, Quapaw Tribe, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers, GRDA, Craig County, Mayes County, Pryor Okla. Fire and others. GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority) is helping Louisiana as part of a nationwide mutual relief effort by the […]

US Banking Authority recently revised updated fair lending rules

[ad_1] WASHINGTON, May 18 (Reuters) – A leading U.S. banking regulator announced Tuesday that it was rethinking a recently updated rule on fair lending standards, putting aside efforts completed under the Trump administration. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced that it was revising a 2020 rule update to the Community Reinvestment Act, […]

View: As the Taliban swell, Biden wants to show that he is not leaving Afghanistan

[ad_1] Joe Biden will meet his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani and National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah this week to hold hand in hand as the Taliban continue their violent strike over Afghanistan, daily gaining tactical advantage. Ghani and Abdullah will perform “together” in the White House – the Biden government wanted a public demonstration of […]

Objection could jeopardize the CFPB’s victory in a landmark case of tribal sovereignty

[ad_1] (Reuters) – Online lender CashCall on Tuesday appealed an enforcement lawsuit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that sets a precedent for whether consumer lenders can bypass government interest caps by partnering with Native American tribes and invoking tribal sovereignty . In 2016, Los Angeles District Judge John Walter gave the CFPB a partial […]

49% agree with the president’s decision to leave Afghanistan while 37% oppose it; Overall approval of Biden at 52%

[ad_1] US President Joe Biden speaks about the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Shutterstock New US survey by John Zogby Strategies Despite overwhelming negative coverage of President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan, a majority of 49% of US adults support his decision to leave the country. According to a […]

Other unmarked graves have been found at the Indian boarding school north of Bonners Ferry, but there is uncertainty as to whether the remains were children

[ad_1] The gruesome discoveries continue. On Wednesday, the Ktunaxa Nation’s Lower Kootenay Band announced the discovery of 182 unmarked graves found near a former Indian boarding school near Cranbrook, British Columbia. Cranbrook is about 80 miles north of Bonners Ferry. The head of the Lower Kootenay Band, Jason Louie, said he heard about the discovery […]

Why Tribes Should Have the Power to Make Their Own Coronavirus Policies

[ad_1] American Indians face a severe ordeal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the dire poverty, catastrophic rates of pre-existing health conditions, and an already broken rural health system, death rates on reservations are sure to be higher than anywhere else in the country. An additional factor makes fighting the pandemic even more difficult for the […]

You want to help. But for the most part, the DNR says, leave fawns alone. | Science & Environment

[ad_1] You can look helpless and scared. But fawns also practice survival mechanisms by staying still. JERRY DAVIS, STATE JOURNAL ARCHIVES As more and more people go outside to enjoy the summer, and with the peak season for white-tailed deer births still underway, the state’s Department of Natural Resources is in charge Warning people to […]

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