Authentise’s partnership with nebumind 3D printing software wins EU grant


3D printing software developer Authentise and data visualization and analysis provider nebumind have received a grant from the European Union (EU) to deepen their 3D printing software and workflow partnership .

Announced in November last year, the project involves integrating visualizations from nebumind’s digital twin with Authentise’s AMES workflow management software to improve analyses, processing time and costs, as well as automated quality reports in 3D printing.

The partnership is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program through Digifed, the federation of digital innovation hubs for the large-scale adoption of digital technologies by European businesses.

“The support is incredibly significant not just for our joint ability to perform as expected, but for the market in general,” said Caroline Albert, co-CEO of nebumind. “Enabling the integration of digital solutions such as nebumind and Authentise in this way increases value for industrial customers who are already overwhelmed with a plethora of different tools and reduces reliance on solutions from single vendors.”

traceability report from nebumind in Authentise. Image via Authenticate.

Authenticate and the nebumind partnership

Authentise and nebumind first announced their partnership in November 2020 with the goal of helping users more easily identify problem areas in 3D printed parts to make inspections more accurate and less time-consuming, and to provide users enhanced and actionable insights into part data.

nebumind’s digital twin visualizations bring sensor data and machine parameters together with the original part geometry to form a complete visual representation of production data that can then be analyzed for product quality and reliability. machine process stability.

Through this partnership, this tool is integrated with Authentise’s AMES workflow management system to make it easier and faster for users to address discrepancies or issues during the printing process, while providing traceability of end to end of the parts. AMES is an additive workflow management engine that collects data from 3D printers to smoothly generate order status updates, automated actions, and system optimization reports.

Integrating nebumind’s digital twin with AMES could help customers determine if a part needs rework up to 10 times faster and reduce rejected parts by 90%.

“Manufacturers in general are catching up with digitalization and these benefits make their adoption of digital thread more likely and the tools more powerful thanks to a more dynamic market,” added Albert.

nebumind and Authentise have merged their data capture and visualization capabilities.  Image via Authenticate.
nebumind and Authentise have merged their data capture and visualization capabilities. Image via Authenticate.

Improving the accessibility of digital AM wires

Today, the companies announced that they have received EU funding through Digifed, the value of which is undisclosed, to continue their partnership and continue their efforts to make digital yarns more accessible to users of additive manufacturing.

Operating under the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, DigiFed seeks to drive the adoption of advanced digital technologies by EU SMEs with a focus on non-digital businesses.

“We are delighted to have been selected for this highly competitive program by the European Union,” said Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “This not only demonstrates the power of nebumind’s digital twin visualization solution, but also validates the Authentise approach. Unlike many large companies, we explicitly don’t want to build or own everything ourselves. We prefer to associate.

According to Wegner, partnering with companies like nebumind to improve workflow management and part data in the 3D printing industry frees the company to solve other challenges in the industry.

“It also makes sense for customers because they save time by not having to interact with multiple software solutions and are guaranteed state-of-the-art solutions through constant specialization and innovation,” he added. “We are delighted that the EU has recognized this and supports this integration.”

Last month, Authentise announced a new partnership with the Manufacturing Intelligence division of Hexagon AB, a Swedish-based global technology company, to develop an end-to-end software offering designed to make 3D printing more predictable, repeatable and traceable.

The companies aim to accelerate the industrialization of 3D printing through their partnership by digitizing every step of the workflow, from part design to production and quality assurance.

nebumind's digital twin visualization tool is being integrated into Authentise's AMES workflow system during the partnership.  Image via Authenticate.
An alert in the authentication web application. Image via Authenticate.

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Featured image shows an alert in the Authenticate web application. Image via Authenticate.

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