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  • If you are not a fan of online transactions, check printing software is one way to manage your finances.
  • The Adobe suite includes a tool that can report a check the printing program.
  • PrintBoss or Checksoft are also good personal check printing tools for your small business.
  • Open source check printing software like AccelMax complies with regulatory models imposed by financial institutions.

Checks (otherwise UK checks) may be a bit outdated, but they are still widely issued and remain a valid alternative to card or online transactions.

There are still many check printing apps designed primarily for business users.

Check printing software allows users to set up, fill out and print their own personalized checks.

And here are some notable apps for Windows 10 that you use for this purpose.

What software do I need to print checks?

Millions of people around the world use Illustrator for a good reason: it’s the best graphic design software that can create everything from logos, checks, flyers, to beautiful illustrations that can be embedded anywhere, in any corner. any size.

If you need a good check printing software, the Illustrator can’t be faulted. Boasting unlimited fonts, gorgeous typography, and rich colors, the tool lets you personalize your check in unprecedented ways.

Incorporate unique logo designs and vector artwork that you can scale as much as you want to fit the size you need and know they’ll always be ready to print.

Scale your check for printing, print multiple artboards, and automatically rotate or reposition them on the page for a crisp look.

The best part is that it works seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, InDesign, XD, Adobe Stock, and Premiere Pro.

Use Adobe Stock to choose from high-quality, artist-designed, creative Illustrator templates to kick off your check writing project and save templates to Creative Cloud Libraries to organize your work.

Let’s take a quick look at his main characteristics:

  • Improved launch time and faster file opening (launch, save and render effects faster than ever
  • Improved special effects in preview mode
  • Simplified vector paths
  • Color-rich free-form gradients
  • Step-by-step interactive tutorials
Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator

Professional digital design software that will make your checks exquisite.

PrintBoss is part of the industry standard check printing software for Windows, compatible with over 40 accounting applications. There are four alternative PrintBoss packages for Sage, QuickBooks, Dynamics, and other software.

These packages also have standard and enterprise editions, and you can try a 30-day trial of the software.

PrintBoss allows its users to print checks from any number of bank accounts.

It provides a variety of templates to print, or you can design your own checks in various formats that include logos, MICR lines, Void After statements, signatures, and custom backgrounds.

The app allows its users to print blank and pre-written checks. PrintBoss also has a checkbook ledger that keeps a record of printed checks and an account balance.

?? Download PrintBoss

Checksoft is a check printing application for Windows 10 that works with Quicken, QuickBooks, and Bookkeeper accounting software.

The software has personal, professional and premium versions. Checksoft Premier is the best version that includes additional billing tools and options.

Checksoft offers over 100 check templates to choose from. Or you can design your own checks with over 1000 background images and logos.

This software has a check design wizard that allows you to quickly set up new checks to print.

The app also includes many account management tools, such as its reconciliation wizard, custom reports, and account registration. Note that Checksoft only prints on its own stock of check paper.

?? Download Checksoft

The ezCheckPrinting application is compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms from XP to 10 and Macs.

This software has most of the tools and options that you are likely to need to print checks.

It includes a WYSIWYG editor with which you can design custom controls including logos, signatures, alternative fonts, custom stubs, and additional text labels.

EzCheckPrinting users can print checks with MICR encoding, pre-written checks, and blank checks with empty fields.

The software supports any number of accounts and you can also print checks with control on top, middle, bottom and three sizes per page.

The free version of the software adds a watermark to printed checks. The advantage is that the trial package does not expire.

⇒ Download exCheckPrinting

There aren’t many free check printing apps out there, but AccelMax Check Writer is one that’s available for free.

This software keeps track of the checks issued with its logbook and prints various forms of checks.

AccelMax Check Writer users can configure their checks by scanning check paper or saving check images from websites.

You can adjust check layouts by dragging and dropping objects and fields and customize their font styles. Moreover, you can set up invoices, account summaries and graphical reports with this software.

Note that you can download the tool for free, but you will need to enter a password, provided on the software’s website, to extract the RAR archive.

Download AccelMax

These are six applications for Windows with which you can design, fill, and print checks. Have you tried any of them so far? Let us know which is your favorite tool in the comments section below.

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