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When the carpal tunnel made life as a software developer impossible, an entrepreneur was born.

Ivan Davis recently opened New Pueblo Tech, a 3D printing retail store, at Sixth Avenue and Sixth Street.

In addition to selling printers, scanners, and related supplies, Davis also offers 3D printing services to artists, engineers, and students.

Customers have asked for everything from circuit board buttons to monkey skulls for medical research.

Davis printed boxes for an electronic cigarette store and connectors for a customer’s greenhouse.

“After carpal tunnel surgery, I could no longer sit behind a desk and code,” he said. “But I needed something that uses my skills and keeps me interested.”

Davis said he was interested in 3D printing technology but couldn’t find any local place to view the printers or their performance.

That’s when he approached wholesalers to have a retail presence in Tucson.

National companies that Davis partners with list New Pueblo Tech as a supplier.

Printers include Sigma, Zortrax, and Zmorph.

Small jobs, like a bracelet, can take two hours to print. The big jobs – a vase or a bowl – can take up to 10 hours.

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